New Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Snack

Pairs well with breakups and vanilla ice cream

Ben & Jerry's just released a new (non-ice cream!) product, and it means you no longer have to sneakily pick out the chunks from your roommate's pint of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Their just-launched Snackable Dough, which comes in both chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip varieties, has pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour—meaning it's completely safe to eat. It comes by the ½ pound, contains "eight" servings and is the next best snack you can reach for in your freezer.

Right now it's just a market test, starting off at the Waterbury factory and Burlington scoop shop in Vermont. Here's hoping that test gets an A+, so we can all stop making our own edible versions—or eating the raw egg kind while saying a prayer to the salmonella gods—for good.