The Best Slow Cooker Recipes To Make In Summer

The grill isn't the only appliance that deserves your attention

Just because it's not snowing doesn't mean you should be ignoring your Crock-Pot for the season. If anything, it may be the best time of year to bust it out to save you from standing over a hot pot.

Plus, the outdoors are calling your name—so turn the cooker on before you head to the beach, then come home to one of these 6 recipes.


BBQ Chicken

Skip the grill and make barbecue chicken in your slow cooker. We recommend roughly shredding and piling it between two slices of soft sandwich bread.

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Barbecue Brisket

Make a perfectly tender barbecue brisket without any of the effort. This dish cooks low and slow with crushed tomatoes, brown sugar and liquid smoke in your slow cooker, leaving you more time to sit back and relax.

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French Toast

Summer's all about taking it slow, including those lazy Sunday mornings. Flip the on switch when you get up to feed the dog, then linger in bed for a few more hours while your house fills with the smell of brown sugar-soaked bread.

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Al Pastor Pork

Tacos are a summer staple, so why relegate a braised pork shoulder to only snow days? Adding pineapple peels to the cooker helps ensure you get every last bit of that sweet flavor hiding inside them.

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Slow Cooker Persian Peach and Chicken Stew

Take advantage of peach season and make a sweet-and-sour Persian stew made with turmeric and chicken. Our food editor recommends using just-ripe peaches to get the right amount of sweetness in the dish.

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Slow Cooker Cinnamon Rolls

Switch up your morning routine by making these quick and easy cinnamon rolls. Since there's no oven to watch, you could even sneak back under the covers for a couple more hours.

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