Best Canned Sparkling Wine For Summer 2018

When end-of-summer sadness gets you down, these bubbles will lift you back up again

There are just mere weeks left before Labor Day puts an end to lazy summer Fridays, so we'll keep this quick.

The goods: canned wine that a) doesn't taste like metal and b) is just as ready for a beach day as you are.

The etymology: VIN (wine) plus NY (New York)

The setting: any time and every place.

Thomas Pastuszak, the NoMad Hotel's wine director and the founder of Empire Estate Wine, is making high quality wine more accessible than ever with the just-launched VINNY. He's shining the spotlight on the Finger Lake wine region with canned sparkling white wine that has tasting notes of green apple, lemon and lime. The goal? To "show you how crisp, convenient, and crush-able canned wine truly can be."

VINNY is available in New York and the Hamptons right now, but west coasters will soon be able to get their hands on these 250mL cans as well.