Free Chipotle Delivery With Postmates

One burrito bowl, hold the fee

It's a fact: Burritos taste better a) when you're eating them in your pj's and b) when they're discounted. Through July 15, you can have both, as Postmates is delivering Chipotle to your door, free of extra charges.

In celebration of adding 300 more Chipotle locations to its roster, the food delivery app is getting rid of its usual $4 delivery fee. The two have been partners since 2015, having delivered one million burritos and two million bowls in more than 300 cities. With this new addition, you'll be able to use your phone to tap your way to a quesadilla in an additional 100 cities. 

So for the next few days, feel free to sprawl out on the couch until your carne asada bowl with no rice, extra guac and a tortilla on the side arrives.