Best Food Stories Of The Week: Scott Pruitt

All the news and stories you missed this week

We get it, you're busy. We're swamped, too—busy combing the Internet to keep you in the loop amid this fast-moving world, that is. Head into the weekend with these articles, food-related deep dives and Tasting Table reads stored away as dinner party conversation fodder.

All About Food

Yet another Trump official gets confronted while dining out.

Your beloved sandwich is going be getting a little more expensive.   

 Did tacos help decide Mexico's presidential election?

The golden age of U.S. whiskey might be coming to an end.

Read up on the surprising secrets you never knew about Aldi.

Who needs running when you can just drink your way to a healthier heart?

This is the first major U.S. city to totally ban plastic straws and utensils. 

Bob's Burgers meal kits are what your busy weeknights really need.

Guy Fieri is getting a new Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives spin-off.

We never got our Hogwarts acceptance letter, but at least we have butterbeer soft-serve.

Around the Web

How do California bears spend their summer? Soaking in a hot tub and drinking margaritas.

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is just a few weeks away.

This Week on TT

Go on a visual tour of Juchitán, a Mexican matriarchal society.

The key to a longer life might be hiding in that extra cup of coffee

As it turns out, only 3 percent of us know how to wash our hands correctly.

Dairy Queen is giving away free Blizzards—here's how to claim yours.