Deep-Fried Oreos From Walmart

You don't have to wait until the state fair to clog your arteries

Everybody knows the only reason state fairs exist is so we can fill out our summer bods with every form of fried food available, from battered pickles to foot-long corn dogs. At the top of that crispy, golden-brown hierarchy? The deep-fried Oreo.

Luckily, clogging our arteries doesn't have to be just a summer activity anymore, as Walmart is selling the iconic fried cookies in its freezer aisle. The frozen food find was first discovered by Instagram account @junkfoodmom, which notes that the treats come in chocolate crunch (chocolate-flavored sandwich cookies with a cocoa crumb coating) and a version with a vanilla-flavored outside.  

The treats can be either baked or microwaved, but let's be real: The only way to eat them is to go for gold and start heating up a pot of oil.