Whole Foods Discounts For Amazon Prime Members

You no longer have to live in just Florida

Ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, the tech giant has been slashing prices at the grocery store that could never seem to shed its infamous nickname. Now, Amazon is bringing its discounts (which were originally reserved for just shoppers in Florida) to all Prime customers across the country.

Starting June 27, anyone with a Prime membership (aka everyone) can take advantage of discounts like an additional 10 percent off already-on-sale items and weekly discounts on various specials (like $6 a pound off wild-caught, sockeye salmon and organic red cherries for just $4 a pound).

"Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive—in fact, Prime members have adopted this benefit at one of the fastest rates we've seen," Cem Sibay, vice president for Amazon Prime, says. "Since starting this rollout in mid-May, Prime members have already saved millions of dollars on everything from seasonal favorites to popular products."

To access the discounts, members just have to scan a code on the Whole Foods Market app or enter their phone numbers at checkout to snatch up organic Fuji apples and probiotic-filled kefir while the deals are hot.

This article was originally published on 5/16/2018 and updated on 6/26/2018.