Millennials Are The Worst Tippers

10 percent of them are OK with not leaving any gratuity at all

On top of being the worst group of cooks in America, millennials have another thing to add to their list of accomplishments: officially being the country's worst tippers.

A new study released by found that 10 percent of millennials choose not to tip at all when dining out, while those who do end up leaving an average gratuity of 15 percent—the lowest amount compared to other generations. (For instance, older diners leave an average tip between 18 and 20 percent, while only 3 percent of them will leave a restaurant without dropping some form of gratuity.)

"It was interesting to see that millennials are the worst tippers—because the typical restaurant worker is a millennial," Matt Schulz, an analyst for, says. "It's self-defeating." 

As Bloomberg points out, this stinginess can be linked to separate causes: Millennials tend to have larger financial struggles, while on the flip side, they could also be choosing to just save those extra dollars for their next meal out. 

As for those who tip the most? College-educated diners, patrons over the age of 65, women and those who hail from the Northeast and Midwest tend to leave a median bonus of 20 percent.

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