Rosé Wine Mansion In NYC

Because ice cream, egg, avocado and pizza museums just aren't enough

Yes, the Rosé Mansion is technically another food museum we never really asked for, but instead of just providing a pool of sprinkles to dive into, the experience (opening July 12 in NYC) might actually teach us a few things about that beloved pink drink.

Each of the 14 rooms in the two-story mansion will walk visitors through the complete history of the summer-friendly wine, including "the scientific process behind creating it and the regions where it's most popularly produced." Attendees will also learn about the politics behind the 6,000-year-old beverage, while tasting their way through eight varietals.

Of course, the experience also includes the most important reason as to why one would buy a $35 ticket to something called the Rosé Mansion: Instagram opps. Interactive photo moments will include a swinging gold chandelier, a bathtub full of roses and a lab for blending personalized rosés. The mansion also includes a lounge as its final stop where guests can down an extra glass and purchase bottles from what's going to be the country's largest selection of rosé wine.

Tickets are on sale today, with prices increasing on June 18.