The Great Cheeseburger Debate, Rising Fast-Food Wages & More

All the news and stories you missed this week

We get it, you're busy. We're swamped, too—busy combing the Internet to keep you in the loop amid this fast-moving world, that is. Head into the weekend with these articles, food-related deep dives and Tasting Table reads stored away as dinner party conversation fodder.

All About Food

• How restaurants are dealing with rising minimum wage.

• Similarly, a Chick-fil-A in California raises its wage to $18 an hour.

• No, cheese does not belong on a hamburger.

• More women are coming forward to accuse Mario Batali of sexual misconduct and groping . . .

•  . . . While three of his Las Vegas restaurants are closing down.

• A fascinating look at what life is like inside a food truck.

• Coca-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink.

• Whole Foods' new discounts for Prime members roll out nationwide.

Around the Web

• This is the most expensive city in America to buy a beer.

• Please, don't try to roast marshmallows over an active volcano.

• Snoop Dogg breaks the record for the world's largest—what else—gin and juice.

This Week on TT

• You have loud restaurants to blame for your poor eating habits.

• A.1. now makes steak-scented candles, just in time for Father's Day.

• Mark your calendar: Bookings for Noma in Copenhagen open on June 6. 

• Nurses can get free Chipotle burritos next week.