How To Get A Noma Reservation, Copenhagen

The restaurant's game and forest season will be the most exciting one yet

Weren't able to grab a table at the new Noma? (It's OK—we weren't able to either.) Don't worry, you have one more chance to snag a spot at René Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant, which is opening reservations for its final menu of the year.

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Starting Wednesday, June 6, at 11 a.m. EST, bookings will start for Noma's game and forest season, which runs from fall through the end of the year. Unlike the previous seafood-focused menu and the kitchen's current vegetable-forward cuisine, this final period is the only span when meat will play a starring role. (The restaurant calls this stretch Scandinavia's "truly magical time of year that is all about indulgence.")


The culinary team will be working with foragers and local hunters to source ingredients like goose, reindeer, wild duck and moose, in addition to other bounties of the forest like berries, mushrooms, nuts and a variety of wild plants. According to Noma's website, this harvest season is "truly one of the most bountiful moments of the year."

And just like previous menus, Redzepi will be reserving 10 percent of the dining room each night for students, who can dine for a special price of approximately $156 instead of the usual $338. (Those coveted discount seats will be handed out via a lottery system.)