Meat-Scented Candles

Because the meat scents is exactly what he's been asking for

Maybe you're just realizing you've sent him a photo frame three years in a row or that the Japanese whisky shortage is happening at the most inconvenient time possible. Whatever the case, when it's time to initiate your backup plan (emphasis on the backup plan part), A.1.'s new meat-scented candles are here to save Father's Day.

Probably better left for a summer grill-out than leisurely indoor bubble bath, these hand-poured novelties are made, according to A.1., for those who believe you "don't have to do the whole cooking thing to get the hearty smell." The candle comes in three distinct flavors aromas: Original Meat (their words, not ours), Backyard BBQ and Classic Burger. Retailing for $15 each online, they're available for only a limited time. So if you want to give Dad a case of the meat scents, it's best to act now.