IPA Beer Nut Butter: Nutista

This is the peanut butter alternative you've been waiting for

Peanuts are plain. At least with the rise of alternative options from Cadbury Creme Egg cashew spread to Teddy Grahams-like granola butter, that's what the consensus seems to be.

Behold, the latest goodness to slather between two slices of bread: IPA beer-flavored nut butter. According to Food & Wine, Nutista's new Tangerine Express IPA is the brainchild of cofounder Greg Koch, who also cofounded California's Stone Brewing.

Based on the brewery's same-name beer, Nutista's latest product flavors stone-ground almonds and roast peanuts with brewer's yeast, golden light dry malt, tangerine and pineapple, and is actually the second beer-and-nut butter collaboration. The company initially released a dark Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout nut spread that can also be found on its website or in its California stores.