Alton Brown Music Video For 'Pop Song'

Forget 'Good Eats': He's on his way to pop stardom

While everyone was busy waiting for more news about the upcoming Good Eats relaunch, Alton Brown went and surprised us with something else: a music video.

"Pop Song," an ode to popcorn that includes the lyrics "vegetal crack," is like what would happen if Daft Punk covered a song by The Wiggles. Off his album called Bitter like Me, which was originally made for his Eat Your Science tour (which made it to Broadway), it is now available to stream on Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play or download from his website. It's technically by The Alton Brown Trio—think the John Mayer Trio but with more food rhymes—and is a nine-track wonder where country twang and techno beats coexist in harmony.

The lyrics may not be the sort that would win a Pulitzer Prize, but when you're walking to work humming to yourself about kernels and salt and endosperm, don't say we didn't warn you.