Royal Wedding Food Ideas

You, too, can have a slice of royal wedding cake

The royal wedding is finally happening, and although we're not on the final guest list, we can still feast like nobles (and even take home a slice of cake), thanks to these commemorative food items in honor of the nuptials.

KFC Wedding Bucket

When Prince Harry finally popped the question, he and Meghan Markle were sharing a roast chicken dinner. KFC seems to agree that no ceremony should be without poultry: This commemorative bucket comes inscribed with the phrase, "We declare a regal day of celebration, jubilation ... and fried chicken." 

Royal Sausages

This UK company has, ahem, married the flavors of spicy ginger and American mustard for this limited-edition pork sausage.

Ginger and Sparkle Parsnip Chips

Get your hands on these ginger- and honey-doused parsnip chips that have been dusted in enough edible glitter to rival Meghan's engagement ring

Wedding Rings Cereal

Wake up to a breakfast fit for kings, (and kids). These multigrain bites are a suitable snack if you're tuning in to watch the royal wedding live at 7 a.m. (PT) in the U.S. 

Commemorative Tea Tin

This list wouldn't be complete without English tea, and this keepsake tin is filled with the finest breakfast tea bags. Just make sure to serve it on chinaware Queen E would approve of.

Royal Wedding Cake

Not only can you get your hands on (or at least order) Harry and Meghan's elderflower cake, you can also try your luck at getting a slice from cakes of royal weddings past. Next month, slices from the ceremonies of Charles and Diana, William and Kate, and others will be available for auction.