How To Make Restaurant Reservations On Instagram

Best app update ever

How many new restaurants have you discovered through mouthwatering Instagram posts? And beyond making mental notes to try them, how many have you actually visited? Well, Instagram is rolling out a feature that now makes it easier for you to dine at the spots you've been cyberstalking in your feed.

The social network is partnering with 25 companies including Grubhub, Resy and OpenTable to allow users to make reservations, start take-out orders and place deliveries right in the app itself. According to Food & Wine, the update comes in the form of action buttons located on a restaurant's individual page.

Aside from the convenience factor for customers, restaurants themselves are benefitting from the new feature, too. Places that often market on Instagram, like The Jones Assembly, are already experiencing a rise of "15 to 20 additional bookings per week," Annie Tucker, the marketing manager for the Oklahoma City restaurant, says.

Between Instagram also launching features to get your online shopping done within the app and allowing users to book vacations, it's come a long way from what used to be just a hub to post selfies.