Best Places To Eat In NYC 2018

From pizza in Long Island City to what might be Manhattan's best chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes it's not just enough to add a restaurant to your bucket list—you want to know exactly what to order when you get there. These are the dishes we've tried recently and loved, and think you will, too. 

Avocado Vanilla Panna Cotta at west~bourne

You're in Soho, California, the minute you step foot into this all-day restaurant, but don't let the impossible-to-choose-just-one menu distract you from dessert—namely, this citrus-forward custard, which glows a natural green from all that avocado. For best effect, get the chocolate cashew pudding as well and eat them together in the same spoonful. —Abby Reisner, Content Director

Photo: Nicole Franzen

The Hot Italian Pizza at Beebe's

Two secrets I learned this week: a) Long Island City isn't an actual city, and b) when a table at Emily or Paulie Gee's is too hard to come by, Lou Tomczak—an alum of both those spots—is making pies that are just as blisteringly crisp yet chewy at this LIC pizzeria. And as the saying (sorta) goes, any Hot Italian pizza with pickled chiles, spicy sausage and Mike's Hot Honey is a personal pizza if you try hard enough. (Spoiler alert: I succeeded.) —Andrew Bui, Editor 

Butternut Squash Bread at Olmsted

You heard it here first—Olmsted's new butternut squash bread is the new banana bread. It comes to the table still steamingly hot, perfect for splitting open and spreading with clotted cream and sweet, homemade jam. This is my definition of Sunday (or any) morning perfection. —Erica Bonelli, Social Media Editor

Korean Ramen at Bunsmith

Have you ever had a meal so good it made you mad while eating it? Like, How dare it have the audacity to be so delicious? That's how I felt about this dish. Between the American cheese, runny egg yolk and butter-heavy broth, you get a soup so velvety, you may be reduced to tears (true story; this made the bartender very uncomfortable). —Shana Bethea, Editorial Intern

Cookies at Chip NYC in Gansevoort Market

There are few things in this world I love more than chocolate chip cookies—I even occasionally have them for dinner. After weeks of drooling on my phone every time I scrolled past a photo of Chip NYC's stacked cookie halves, I knew I was depriving myself of something. So this past weekend, I treated myself to a whole box filled with chocolate chip walnut, funfetti, s'mores and white chocolate macadamia cookies. These soft, chunky cookies with their perfectly balanced fillings live up to all the hype on the 'gram (and then some). Aryelle Siclait, Social Media Intern