Pickle Soft-Serve In NYC

You'll find pickle-flavored soft-serve, too

You'd think a quart of half sours has nothing to do with a plate of Chinese dumplings, but that's exactly the connection the team behind Jacob's Pickles are making with Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., their new casual restaurant on the Upper West Side.

According to Eater, the cozy, 15-seat spot offers a menu of six different dumplings, which includes spicy curry pork, chicken, shrimp and a vegan option, among others. There are also three varieties of noodles (cold sesame, dan dan and chicken with garlic), along with a few sides including a Sriracha pickle slaw and, of course, founder Jacob Hadjigeorgis's famous brined cukes.

In terms of dessert, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is offering soft-serve ice cream in both matcha and (the more interesting) pickle-flavored swirl; $5 will get you a towering glass of ice cream showing off a hue that could easily masquerade as cool mint.