Tequila Train In Napa Valley

For when you decide the normal wine train is just a little too tame

These days, taking a wine-fueled train trip through Napa Valley is an obvious move, which is why Napa Valley Wine Train, the same company that offered you a booze-filled itinerary to the "North Pole" is now selling seats for its new tequila train.

The train trip (in partnership with tequila producer Casa Dragones) will launch next month on Cinco de Mayo and consist of a three-hour journey involving a four-course dinner, live flamenco music and, yes, plenty of the agave spirit to make the scenery whiz by just a little bit faster.

Afterward, the train will have just two more runs: the first in honor of National Tequila Day in July and the final journey taking place on Día de los Muertos in October. Tickets start at $295 a person.