Loring Place Memories Dinner

Dan Kluger of Loring Place is recreating an iconic feast from the 80s

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Though our idea of 80s food steers toward potluck tables of pasta salads and sloppy joes, on May 4, 1983, a powerhouse group of chefs came together for their own version of a dinner party. One where Alice Waters of Chez Panisse was in charge of the salad, Jonathan Waxman of Michael's in Santa Monica was making pasta with grilled scallops and Jeremiah Tower of Berkeley's Santa Fe Bar & Grill brought dessert in the form of pecan pastries with sabayon.

And though we don't have a DeLorean to take us back to that year, we at least have Dan Kluger, chef of NYC's beloved vegetable-forward restaurant, Loring Place. Next week, Kluger is throwing his own version of the legendary, eight-course dinner, where he'll be joined by Andrew Friedman, author of Chefs, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Friedman, who dedicated a whole chapter of his book to the iconic meal that took place nearly 35 years ago, will be providing signed copies of his book detailing the rise of the American chef. A percentage of the dinner's proceeds will also fund City Meals on Wheels. 

Up to you if you want to dig up your acid-washed jeans for the occasion.