Salt & Straw New Flavors Spring 2018

Everyone knows what happens when you give a mouse a cookie, but when you give a kid an ice cream scoop? The results aren't as predictable.

West Coast ice cream gem Salt & Straw recently announced its latest flavor lineup: one that was dreamed up by students in an assignment that'd make anyone wish they could flash back to being in elementary school again. Cofounder Tyler Malek took to the local schools for the sixth year to lead them through it, resulting in adorably typo-ridden flavors like Leomon-Lime Slime and Rose & Lavinder Patels.

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Many flavors, like Maple Peanut Butter Brioche French Toast and Sticky Honey Croissant with French Vanilla, fit right in with Salt & Straw's creative flavors. Our personal favorites include TACOCAT, with Mexican chocolate-covered tortilla shell and queso fresco, and The Butterfly Yum, laden with fruit, goat cheese and herbs.

All participating schools are from the Portland, L.A., San Diego and SF areas, local to the scoop shops, and part of the proceeds will go back to these schools. So the next time you stop in for ice cream (or get it shipped anywhere in the country), you're both doing and eating good things.