Hellmann's Ketchup Review

Mayo isn't the only thing the brand is good at

If you're as passionate about your ketchup as you are other condiments, chances are there's only one brand you'll let grace the top of a hot dog or serve as the companion to crinkle-cut fries.

However, one thing we've learned from our mayonnaise taste test is that it's perfectly fine to have a jar of Duke's next to your Hellmann's, and now the latter is entering the ketchup game with its own version of the classic red condiment.

On grocery shelves now, Hellmann's Ketchup is a six-ingredient sidekick to chicken tenders that does away with corn syrup and swaps in honey as the sole sweetener. To us, it has the same spice and vinegary bite of Heinz but with a mellower, more caramel-like sweetness.

"We saw this as an opportunity to elevate an American staple by stripping it down to only the most essential ingredients," Russel Lilly, Hellmann's marketing director, says. "Over time, food has continued to evolve and it's time for ketchup to evolve too."

We can't promise we'll be using this ketchup for anything other than a place to dunk once-frozen tater tots, but all the same we're just glad there's now another option sitting on our fridge's side shelf.