How To Support I AM THAT GIRL

All you have to do to help out is grab dessert

In between running her woman-powered bakery in Lincoln, Nebraska, which churns out baked goods like peach coffee cake and fluffernutter sandwich cookies, dessert wizard Angela Garbacz is making time to empower girls around the country.

This month, she's teaming with other female chefs and pastry gurus to support I AM THAT GIRL, a nonprofit that provides young women with resources they need for their own personal development. The result is Empower Through Flour, a month-long campaign of which profits from each chef's unique dish will go to supporting the organization's mission. 

Stop by Goldenrod Pastries for Garbacz's lavender and lemon shortbread cookies or head to the West Coast, where Dominique Crenn is crafting umeboshi ice cream sandwiches at Atelier Crenn. In Brooklyn, Caroline Schiff of Annex is baking blueberry olive oil pound cake with an elderflower glaze, while at Somerset in Chicago, you can unbox a set of chocolate bonbons (filled with miso caramel and malted chai) made by Meg Galus.

Though if you're not quite ready to go on a countrywide road trip to visit the nation's best sweets shops and restaurants, you can donate to I AM THAT GIRL here.