Bar-Style Pizza In NYC

Margot's Pizza is making its long-awaited reappearance this week

Floppy New York slices, crispy Detroit squares and blistery Neapolitan Frisbees are just a few of the many styles of pizzas you'll encounter in NYC. But rarely do you hear about bar pizza, the greasy, cracker-like pie you haven't had since you were a kid.

Don't mistake their thin, crispy crust for more upscale Roman-style pies—bar pizzas stick to standard toppings like pepperoni and a little too much mozzarella, making them perfect for soaking up the extra drink you had at the, well, bar. And luckily, they're making their rare appearance in NYC today.

Margot's, a pop-up pizzeria that occasionally takes over the kitchen at Emily in Brooklyn, recently announced its 2018 schedule. During every first Monday of the month, you can choose from one of their eight nostalgic pies that they describe as "the best version of the bowling alley/skating rink pizza you ate as a kid."

Don't think you can just walk in tonight, though—you'll need to sign up for Margot's email list to get access to ticket sales, as tonight's pop-up is already sold out. (Why do you think we're looking forward to April Fool's so much this year?)