Chip And Jo's Restaurant, Magnolia Table

The Fixer Uppers are inviting you to fix up a plate

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The doors to Chip and Joanna Gaines's restaurant, Magnolia Table, are finally open. After purchasing the struggling property in 2016, the Fixer Upper couple did what they do best and transformed the space. The result: a new breakfast and lunch haven for Waco, Texas, residents, Delish reports.

It's no surprise the menu leans toward the couple's Southern roots, with a few of their family's touches. For breakfast, they're offering classics like eggs Benedict resting on Jo's homemade biscuits, skillet oatmeal and slices of French toast slathered in strawberry butter. Chip's Ham Sandwich is highlighted as a brunch staple and is made with scrambled eggs and melted cheddar on a flaky croissant. Both Aunt Mikey and the two Gaines boys have their own eponymous sandwiches (roast turkey with Havarti cheese and a grass-fed burger) on the menu, too. And at the top of the dessert list is their daughter Ella's dipping doughnuts—powdered fritters served with warm chocolate sauce. Drink options include Texas pecan coffee, Alabama sweet tea, locally bottled lemonade and lattes with add-ins such as lavender syrup.

For those who can't get to Waco for a seat at Magnolia Table, luckily you can make the recipes at home when the family's cookbook drops in April.