Pancake Month At Clinton Street Baking Co., NYC

Go for a different specialty stack each day (no matter which meal it is)

While you were preoccupied with February's other many events—you know, like Valentine's Day, the Winter Olympics, Black History Month, Lunar New Year—you forgot the most important holiday of all: Pancake Month at Clinton St. Baking Company.

Almost every day this month, the beloved Lower East Side diner is serving an entirely new specialty stack—Monday through Friday, no matter the time of the day. So there's no judgment for heading there after work for a pancake happy hour, especially with flavors like banana with Mexican cinnamon-chile-chocolate sauce and blueberry yuzu.

Grab your valentine on Wednesday for the passion fruit and chocolate chunk version, and pencil in the 23rd, where cherry cobbler pancakes are covered in cinnamon-oat streusel and vanilla Bavarian cream.