Halo Top's New Vegan Flavors

Plus, toasted coconut and vanilla maple join a lineup of 12 other flavors

We're still in the dregs of winter, but there's no such thing as an inopportune time for some ice cream news—especially when it involves Halo Top. The California-based creamery just announced seven new vegan-friendly flavors: Five of its most popular flavors are getting the vegan treatment, plus two brand-new flavors—toasted coconut and vanilla maple—are set to hit stores later this month.

Toasted coconut adds real coconut flakes to a tropical base, while vanilla maple takes the most famous ice cream flavor of all to new heights—without crossing into Pancakes & Waffles territory. Though, if you are craving the syrupy experience of the latter, you'll be glad to know that standby is also getting a vegan counterpart, along with birthday cake, candy bar, chocolate almond crunch and chocolate chip cookie dough.

These new coconut milk-based pints will join the seven other nondairy flavors launched last year, meaning you can go a full two weeks without ever tasting the same scoop of vegan ice cream twice.