Wellness Events In NYC At Seamore's

Calling all weekend warriors

You might think of fish tacos and oysters when you think of Michael Chernow's always-popular Seamore's locations, but there's a part you don't get to see: He's known to turn it into a fitness studio.

Early in the morning, you might walk past the Chelsea location and see the staff squeezing in a vinyasa sequence before service or coming back from a run along the Hudson. Seamore's Fit Squad is Chernow's way of encouraging wellness within the company, which he considers particularly important as he acknowledges that the industry is known for some less-than-stellar behavior.

Though it was open to just his employees over the past year, he's opening the doors to NYC's like-minded fitness enthusiasts, bringing in a rotating cast of impressive wellness world figures.

The series kicks off on weekends in February with Holly Rilinger, a true hero. Among many accomplishments, she's a master Nike trainer and a Flywheel instructor whose classes are always packed. Tasting Table's editors went to a sneak preview of the class she'll be teaching, and we can confirm that she conducted magic, in that she made a five-minute meditation session feel like it was only 30 seconds long. 

There's still some time before the workout sessions begins, but you can get a leg up by checking out the special brunch menu, available through the end of January. It features ingredients that Rilinger loves, spun into dishes like crowd-pleasing coconut flour pancakes, an acai and coconut yogurt bowl with every topping imaginable, and a sweet potato spin on avocado toast.

"I'm about positivity," Chernow says, explaining his reasoning behind the feel-good events. And when that means a good workout paired with great pancakes, we are, too.