New Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Yes, you can still sit down for a pint in Dry January

As counterintuitive as it sounds, you can still sit down to a pint during Dry January. All you have to do is follow our lead and swap the pilsner for ice cream—preferably, a pint from Ben & Jerry's just-announced line of truffle chunk-studded flavors. 

Don't worry if you don't have time for an "emergency" grocery run; we're giving you a sneak peek into how the new lineup tastes. (You know, just for you.)

Chocolate Shake It

Chocolate milkshake ice cream gets an extra boost, thanks to malted milk (or as pro baker and dessert guru Stella Parks calls it, the "umami bomb of dessert"). And since there's nothing fudgy bombs of cookie-covered truffles and clouds of marshmallow fluff can't improve, it's no secret why this one is the unanimous group favorite. 

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

Just when you thought classic caramel ice cream couldn't get any better, this pint throws cheesecake into the mix via creamy truffles encased in a graham cracker crust and a chocolate cookie swirl. Just park a scoop on top a wedge of Junior's, and you've reached cheesecake nirvana.

Chillin' the Roast

You'll never need our approval to eat ice cream for breakfast, but if you need some personal validation, this morning pint packs a genuine buzz from cold-brew coffee. Not to mention a different type of buzz that's hiding in the cookie truffles filled with coffee liqueur.

And if you're the person who prefers breakfast on the go, try switching out your toasted bagel with a Pint Slice, whose flavors include Tonight Dough, Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz and hall-of-famer Cherry Garcia. Or, if you've been riding the vegan train into the New Year, try just-released crowd favorites Peanut Butter Half Baked and Cinnamon Buns, newly made dairy free.