Small Cheval In Old Town, Chicago

Head to the new Small Cheval in Old Town before everyone else does

Angelenos and New Yorkers can brag all they want about their Double-Doubles and ShackBurgers, but Chicago residents know deep down both those regional burgers pale in comparison to the patties at Small Cheval.

Now, you'll no longer have to wait in line at the restaurant's Wicker Park and Downtown locations: Old Town is the newest neighborhood to be blessed with the minimalist menu that includes the crispy, charred burger all other burgers aspire to be.

It's just up to you to grab a stool before the rest of the city discovers the easy-to-miss location on Wells Street. According to Eater, a hundred-seat outdoor patio will expand the dining area during the warmer months, so, yes, the buns will indeed be out come summer.