Queso Food Truck In L.A.

We're talking nine varieties of cheesy, melty goodness

Velveeta melted into a can of Ro-tel will always have a spot in our hearts, but that doesn't mean we can't make room in our arteries for one of L.A.'s newest food trucks.

Founded by Beaux Hebert, the Queso Truck sells nothing else but, you guessed it, the beloved dip of melty, gooey cheese—nine varieties to be exact. Aside from his take on the classic yellow lava studded with tomatoes and peppers, you can also grab extravagant versions like The Parker (white queso, kale and pork belly) and the Rocky Balboa (Italian sausage, roast poblanos and red onions).

"Imagine a person slowly sinking into a pool," Hebert tells The Los Angeles Times about the consistency of the truck's signature item. While taking a dip into a jacuzzi of queso is merely just a fantasy, you can at least choose between chips, tortillas and—if you're trying to compromise—asparagus spears to dunk into your cup of melted cheese. (Although, apparently you can also order your serving of queso dip with nothing else but a spoon.)

If you happen to be a lucky SoCal resident, you can keep track of the vibrantly colored truck on its website; though, here's to hoping it takes a cross-country road trip sometime soon.