NYC Holiday Market Shops 2017

Nothing makes you hungry like the rush of finishing your Christmas shopping

Holiday markets take everything we love most about New York—unique handmade goods, great snacks, quality people-watching—and combine them into one festive bubble. Since there's no better way to celebrate a successful shopping adventure than with a hard-earned meal, we've put together a list of choice restaurants near these magical places—because you deserve a gift, too.

Union Square

Go to Daily Provisions, where you can get a rotisserie chicken. It's cash free, so if you've spent all your money on butterfly terrariums and screen-printed art, you can still get your rotisserie chicken fix. Should you want to keep the holiday spirit going, go to the always-magical Rolf's—but we suggest you stop by the Leckerlee booth first to get a sweet lebkuchen as your first course.

Columbus Circle

Once you've crossed everyone off your list—including your real best friend, thanks to Ware of the Dog—escape the crowds by heading west to Kashkaval. It's an off-the-beaten-path spot, where you can eat your weight in some of the city's best Mediterranean tapas without spending a fortune. Or head the other direction, where you can wine and dine yourself at Indian Accent.

Bryant Park Winter Village

After touring the stalls (and going for a necessary spin around the skating rink), take in the park views from the French-leaning Gabriel Kreuther, your go-to for fine dining. Plus, while you're there, you can pick up a box of chocolates for the person you've inevitably forgotten about.

Grand Central

With Michelin-starred Agern right inside the terminal, you don't even have to face the cold to get a good meal. You'll find exquisite Nordic cuisine from one of Noma's cofounders—just steps from the subway, too.