Where To Order Thanksgiving Meal 2017

Let the professionals do the heavy lifting

Repeat after us: "I will not be ashamed to let others cook for me on Thanksgiving." New York is full of chefs who are here to help, because the holiday should be about only great company and good food—no matter who makes it. Whether you want the whole meal out of your hands or just view creamy mashed potatoes as your cooking white whale, here's where to go for assistance.

Main Course

• Grab Thanksgiving dinner from the minds behind the best restaurant in the world at Made Nice. Roast turkey comes with all the works: sausage stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry chutney and more. You can add on soup and Parmesan streusel-topped garlic rolls if you want to, and trust us, you do.

• Get your turkey from White Gold, masters of tall things meat. Sides are there, too, if you're looking for a one-size-fits-all situation.

• Want to serve a showstopping carb tower instead of a bird, but not trying to spend time wrangling spaghetti strands into a pan? Order a special-edition spaghetti pie from The Sosta.

Side Dishes

• The all-vegan box from Blossom Du Jour is technically a complete meal for one, but order a few and you'll have a solid work-around for having to order a parade of separate sides. It comes complete with savory herb-breaded seitan, sausage-mushroom stuffing, silky mashed potatoes and more. Plus, with a gluten-free option as well, you're guaranteed to please everyone at the table.

• Stuffing from Sahadi's is a far cry from the stale bagged stuff: Middle Eastern rice stuffing, plus a variety made from cherry pecan or apricot hazelnut bread, is the way to go. You can also get a full dinner, but going à la carte lets you cater (heh) to your guests' preferences.

• Get vegetables en masse from Il Buco Alimentari, because roasting enough Brussels sprouts to feed 14 people is no small feat.


• Pies pose a problem for those who prefer an entire dessert to themselves. The solution: a box of treats from Du's Donuts, which takes classic flavors and spin them into doughnuts, like a red apple glazed with cinnamon oat crumble and classic pumpkin with vanilla icing.

• Why have pumpkin pie when you can have a tart filled with almond and pumpkin cream, topped with pumpkin glaze and sparkling Champagne cubes? Maison Kayser had the same thought. Pecan, chestnut and apple tarts are also available.

Photo: Eric Medsker

• For the traditional pie route, call on Bubby's. The local apple whiskey crumble is our personal favorite, but everything from pecan maple to Michigan sour cherry is as good as pie gets.

And finally . . .

• Snag a 14-pound chocolate turkey, because why not, and all good meals end with chocolate.