Zero-Waste Brunch Food At Sunday In Brooklyn

One of the most-discussed topics in the food world isn't what goes into a dish. Instead, it's what's being thrown out after that dish is made. Food waste is the hot issue of the moment for an industry that's generating around 571,000 tons of food waste every year. But one restaurant has become a standout in the zero-waste movement—and it just happens to be one of Brooklyn's most-loved spots.

At Sunday in Brooklyn, even the humblest scrap can have a new life as part of the innovative menu by chef Jaime Young, or on the forward-thinking cocktail list developed by award-winning mixologist Claire Sprouse. Take the humble corncob, for instance: After Young uses the corn in a dish, Sprouse will take any unused kernels to make a cream that brings rich texture to cocktails like the corn-infused rum. The remaining cob (and even the corn silk) are then turned into stock and teas that enhance various dishes.

This exceptionally creative approach to recycling isn't just happening just in the culinary realm; it's part of a bigger trend that's revolutionizing business — even the auto industry. BMW is leading the trend with the new i3, which features breakthrough details such as surprisingly luxurious interior fabrics made from recycled plastics. Like Sunday in Brooklyn, the BMW i3 proves that innovation can be stylish, too. Watch the video above to take a closer look with photographer Charissa Fay at both of these industry leaders.