Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie In Brooklyn

Pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds isn't just dessert, it's the main attraction at any meal

In the eternal dessert debate of cake vs. pie, we go pie every time—as long as said pie is made by Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Founded by sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen, the Four & Twenty Blackbirds bakery evolved from a start-up run from an apartment to a thriving business with four locations, including a pie counter at the Brooklyn Public Library.

The secret to their success, of course, is all in the ingredients. Melissa and Emily source local and organic goods whenever possible, and are refreshingly transparent about their suppliers. For instance, almost 100 percent of the apples they'll use this fall will come from Upstate New York's Wilklow Orchards. Their dedication to supporting local vendors isn't just a point of pride or a way to ensure maximum quality—the decision also helps support more sustainable farming methods.

The emphasis on local ingredients also means that the sisters plan their menu according to what's in season. Right now, that means plum streusel, salted caramel apple and brown butter pumpkin. However, you will always find the Salty Honey Pie, their signature creation, on any Four & Twenty Blackbirds menu. That is, if the sisters have any left in stock that day (it goes fast). Try your hand at your own favorite recipe using one of their all-butter crusts, which are also available for order.

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