How To Get A Reservation At Noma

The second iteration for René Redzepi's restaurant is finally taking tables

Dog-ear, highlight or do whatever it is you need to do to bookmark November 16 on your calendar. Noma 2.0, the second iteration of René Redzepi's acclaimed restaurant that fine dining lovers have been dreaming about for the past two years, is finally accepting reservations for its grand opening.

The new Noma will be open only four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday, with both lunch and dinner services. The dining room will seat only 40, with tables available for parties of two, four, six and eight. Solo diners looking for an Eat, Pray, Love experience will have to either find a fellow dining partner or sign up for a separate waiting list for shared tables. On the other hand, larger parties can rent out a private room for up to 16.

The announcement also reveals a few more details about the Copenhagen restaurant's new chapter, including a menu dictated by Denmark's three major seasons. February's opening menu will "celebrate Scandinavian seafood, which is at its absolute best during the cold, winter months." Thereafter, the courses will focus on vegetables during summer to early fall, making full use of the restaurant's urban garden and foraging team. Late fall to January will be the only time meat plays a starring role. (Note: Next week's reservations  are for the seafood menu, from February to April.)

If you're a traveling college student who happens to be in the area, Redzepi will remarkably be reserving 10 percent of the dining room for students each night at a special price of approximately $156, as opposed to the standard cost of $338. (Students will be chosen via a lottery system once they get on the soon-to-be-released waiting list.)

Reservations begin at 4 p.m. Copenhagen time, or 10 a.m. EST.