Pasta Flyer In NYC Opens

You don't need to go to Del Posto for pedigree pasta

It's been almost 10 months since Mark Ladner, the Michelangelo of pasta, left Del Posto to open his solo project. Now loyal (and patient) followers can get a taste of his acclaimed masterpieces—without having to shell out for a three-figure tasting menu.

In similar fashion to the Eleven Madison Park team's Made Nice, Pasta Flyer is a fast-casual restaurant that comes with a Michelin-backed pedigree. Ladner himself isn't afraid to lump his new speedy dinner joint in the same category as Chipotle though: Bowls filled with chewy fusilli and vibrant basil pesto come out in less than a minute, using techniques and ingredients the chef picked up during his 12-year tenure at Del Posto.

Other pasta options include fettuccini, whole-grain rigatoni and gluten-free penne, all of which you can mix and match with sauces like marinara, a hefty meat ragù and creamy Alfredo. Splurging on sides, including spicy broccoli rabe dolloped with ricotta and airy puffs of fried garlic bread, will still keep you well under a $10 dinner budget.

And though you won't find any 100-layer noodle masterpieces here, Ladner is serving up a tribute to the crusty, burnt edges of lasagna via the fried lasagna snack, whose crispy pasta bits are way better than any fast-food crinkle-cut fry.