Sushi Nakazawa In NYC Serving Lunch

Head to Sushi Nakazawa for 20 exquisite courses

New Yorkers, walk away from the same tired salad you order every day. Sushi Nakazawa, one of the city's best sushi restaurants, is now open for lunch.

Chef Daisuke Nakazawa, who you might remember as the apprentice in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, is serving the same 20-course omakase menu he serves for dinner at the West Village restaurant.

Take a seat at one of the 10 counter spots (the dining room remains open solely for dinner) and watch the action unfold. Reservations open two weeks in advance, and you can choose between two seatings: 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Perhaps the most exciting part is that you can make a lunch reservation for anywhere from one to four people. The two-person reservation mandate at dinner is tough on those who prefer to go their transcendental sushi experiences alone.

It may sound like a hard sell to drop $150 on lunch, but omakase restaurants of similarly high regard can run double (or quadruple) the price. Just think of it like 10 chain salad lunches—a trade-off that's more than worth it.