New Shake Shack Chili Menu

Find out how to try it before everyone else does

Fall is finally here, bringing cooler temperatures, fall leaves and our favorite soul-warming foods. We're talking mac and cheese, chicken potpie, pot roast—and lots of chili. 

Starting November 2, Shake Shack is jumping on the comfort food bandwagon with a new, chili-centric menu. Because cheeseburgers alone are not enough, you can get a chili-topped cheeseburger, hot dog and cheese fries. There's also an "off-menu" cup of chili—granted it's not the most surprising of secret items. 

Can't wait until the menu drops? You don't have to. Just use the Shake Shack app to order, and you'll be able to get your slow-braised beef on before anyone else does, proving technology isn't all that bad.