Google Home Mini Doughnut Shop

You might also walk away with a new smart speaker

To promote the release of its new smart speaker, the Google Home Mini, Google is hosting pop-up events in 11 locations around the country (and Canada!). To make things even sweeter, you'll score either a Google Home Mini for yourself or two doughnuts.

After a four-day stay in Soho earlier this month, Google's heading to the Brooklyn Bridge Park carousel this weekend, October 20 to 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Expect local doughnuts, product trials and a confetti room that will make you feel the purest joy you've felt since blowing out the candles on your sixth birthday cake.

Google describes the new smart device as being "the size of a donut, with the powers of a superhero." We've tested it throughout our own homes and haven't been disappointed. Its small size belies its sound ability, the voice recognition is spot on and it doesn't judge—no matter how many times you ask it to play the latest Taylor Swift song.

With conveyor belts of pastry-sized speakers, an abundance of neon signs and places for a "sweet photo op," you'll definitely get Instagram material out of the free event. After Brooklyn, the tour will stop in Toronto, Madison, Saint Louis, Austin and more.

Even if you don't win your own Home Mini, the device costs just $49, making it a steal as far as smart products go. Either way, though, you'll get doughnuts. So every outcome is a victory—just don't take a bite of the wrong treat.