The Greatest Food Halloween Costumes

You'll look good enough to eat

It happens every year: The leaves are falling, the weather is getting cooler and you have no Halloween costume. Superstores can be intimidating with their many (expensive) choices, which is why this year, we're turning to Amazon for all our ridiculous food costume needs. 

A Wine-and-Cheese Pairing

Photos: Amazon

How great would it be if houses substituted cheese (and wine) for candy?

A Couch Potato 

If you'd rather be on the couch instead of going out on Halloween, a couch potato costume is a good happy medium. It even has a foam remote.

An Ice Cream Sundae

We're just as stoked as this woman about dressing like an ice cream sundae. Look at those jazz hands. 

A Pineapple 

The green, spiky crown will have you looking like a Halloween version of the Queen. Or, you know, maybe just a pineapple.

A Ketchup Packet

Dressing your baby up as a pumpkin is so 2016. Say hello to your new favorite costume: the ketchup packet.

A Cupcake 

You didn't think this list would be without a dog costume, did you? Good luck getting your canine pal to comply with the adorable hat.

The Kool-Aid Man

BYO "Oh, yeah!" voice and power to burst through walls.