Best Savory Pies From Around The World

These meat pies are worth the trip

People all around the world are busy digging into pie, and we're not talking coconut cream. Unlike the classic diner dessert, many of the world's pies lean savory, filling tender pastry crusts with all manner of seasoned proteins. Whether you're taking in a match of Australian football, catching some rays in Montego Bay or strolling the streets of Bogotá, it's time to go around the world in eight meat pies.

① Steak and Onion Pie

This British classic has kept the working class going strong since the Victorian days. Typically made with a short crust or a suet pastry, these savory pies are accompanied by a scoop or two of creamy mashed potatoes and a splash of bright-green parsley liquor. 

② Tourtière

Quebec's preferred meat-stuffed crust is open to all sorts of regional protein variations. In Montreal, it's filled with finely ground pork flavored with warm spices and eaten with maple syrup (read: Canada), while closer to the sea, chefs might opt for locally caught salmon.

③ Colombian Empanadas

Colombia's preferred mobile snack comes in the form of vibrant yellow half moons of cornmeal dough. Inside, you'll find ground beef and cubes of tender potatoes flavored with onion, garlic and cilantro. These are best when paired with ají, a hot sauce made with chiles, scallions and lime juice.

④ Piroshki

All across Russia and the Baltics, puffy, yeasted buns act as a blank canvas for an array of hearty stuffings like braised cabbage flecked with dill, ground beef mixed with onion and hard-boiled egg, or foraged mushrooms.

⑤ Australian Meat Pie

The unofficial national dish Down Under, this pastry is a must-eat when attending an Aussie football match. The traditional filling is beef simmered in a gravy, and no pie-eating experience is complete without a healthy squirt of tomato sauce, an Australian condiment that's essentially ketchup without the vinegar.

⑥ Jamaican Beef Patty

This turmeric-tinged street snack is a remnant from when the British first colonized the Caribbean. A sunnier iteration of the Cornish pasty, it takes full advantage of the island's flourishing spices by boosting the beef filling with allspice, thyme and Scotch bonnet chile for heat.   

⑦ Xian Bing

One of China's most-loved street foods falls somewhere between an oversize pot sticker and a pie. This beef-stuffed bread hails from the northern regions of the country and works green onions, ginger and oyster sauce into the mix before being panfried to a crisp.  

⑧ Chilean Empanadas

Chile's take on the empanada brings together sweet and salty flavors. Beginning with finely chopped (but never ground) beef, the interior of the crimped empanada is then studded with black olives, roughly chopped egg and sweet raisins. 

Caroline Coral is a food and travel writer who splits her time between Philadelphia and the Caribbean. Follow her on Instagram at @caroline.f.coral.