New Halo Top Flavors: Nondairy & Vegan

Drop everything (except your spoon)

In August, we went on record declaring a "banner month" for Halo Top. Now, we're officially eating our words (in addition to the pints of ice cream), as the low-sugar, high-protein ice cream company just unveiled seven more flavors. But this time, there's one notable exclusion: dairy products.  

Founder and CEO Justin Woolverton says that a vegan take on the brand's low-cal pints is "the number one request" the company gets. Well-loved flavors like peanut butter cup, birthday cake and sea salt caramel are all shedding their milk products to join Halo Top's 25 existing flavors, which happen to be the best-selling pints of ice cream in America.

The new flavors have a coconut milk base and will show up in stores mid-October. You can also order them online if your grocery store doesn't carry them (or if you're too lazy to put on pants for the trip).