The Best Lunch Boxes For Adults

There's no shame in taking these to the office

Just because it's been a few years since your last four square tournament doesn't mean you have to let go of one of the best parts of elementary school: sporting the coolest lunch box in the land. (And, no, we're not asking you to take SpongeBob and Patrick with you to the office—well, not unless you want to.)

These nine grown-up totes will cradle your turkey sandwich in style without embarrassing you every time a coworker opens the fridge. The only thing left to do is to start negotiations on trading your Doritos for your cubicle mate's Dunkaroos.

Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote ($40)

For the most elite lunchers, this multi-compartment, insulated tote has a flap hiding a set of silverware and salt and pepper shakers.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag ($20)

Few things better represent the transition from elementary school to junior high quite like ditching your metal lunch box for a brown paper bag. Feel like a cool kid every day with this reusable version made from durable waxed canvas.

Munchie Cooler ($26)

Separate compartments for both hot and cold foods mean your just-microwaved Hot Pocket won't feel the chill of your frozen Go-Gurt tube.

Yumbox Original ($28)

Six adorably separated (and labeled) sections make the Yumbox perfect for those who refuse to let their grapes come into contact with their carrot sticks. 

Lunch Bag Cooler ($27)

When you need something on the more discrete end of the spectrum, this under-the-radar cloth tote does an excellent job at warding off office lunch thieves.

Stackable Lunch Pot ($25)

A pair of sturdy, microwave-safe containers satisfyingly nest on top of each other, keeping your food protected without the typical bulk of plastic Tupperware.

Insulated Lunch Sack ($22)

Once this llama-stamped sack enters your household, it's only a matter of time before you start praying your kid decides to call in sick so you can take it to work.

Stackable All-in-1 Bento Lunch Box ($24)

Any other person might see this as a way to have a two-course office lunch, but we're more jazzed about the possibility of finally being able to take milk and cereal on the go. 

Houndstooth Insulated Lunch Bag ($37)

Because even a lunch box can be an excuse to make a fashion statement.