Aldi's Advent Calendar Christmas 2017

As if we needed an excuse for holiday boozing

If you weren't already counting down the days until Christmas (it's never too early), you will be now, thanks to Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar, which contains 24 mini bottles of wine (one for every time your in-laws comment on your life choices).

The box contains a mix of red, white, rosé and fizz wines, though the actual brands are still unknown. No matter which wines do appear, it seems to be a good value, with the equivalent of six bottles of wine priced at about $67, or about $11 a bottle. Aldi is working with brands like JP. Chenet and Calvet, and all of the wines will be from France, except for the bubbles, which will come from both Italy and Spain, according to The Sun.

The boozy bulletin is set to launch in the UK and online November 14, the same day the brand's three-liter bottle of Prosecco hits shelves.

"There's no better advent calendar out there," Aldi's website says, and we just might have to agree. As if we needed an excuse to drink wine every day, this festive box (which we'll buying as an early Christmas present to ourselves) certainly justifies it.