How To Stock Your First Kitchen At IKEA

Yes, it is possible

Everyone knows that truly #adulting is when you finally trade in your microwave ramen for penne arrabiata and end your wallet-draining relationship with GrubHub. That's right, it's time to learn how to cook more than just cereal and eggs.

We know cooking, as well as having all the necessary tools and accoutrements, can be expensive. Luckily, IKEA exists, not only for its amazing Swedish meatballs but for budget-friendly staples that work great and last. We've rounded up all the essentials you need to eat and cook no matter if you live in a mansion or a studio apartment, all for less than $100 ($99.15 to be exact).


Chef's, Paring and Bread Knives

Mince, chop or slice just about anything with these three key knives every kitchen needs.

3-piece set: $6.99

Photos: IKEA

Cutting Boards

Because your countertop just doesn't, well, cut it anymore.

2-piece set: $3.99


Mixing Bowls

Pro Tip: These can double as serving bowls for salads when hosting parties.

Large bowl: $3.99

Small bowl: 1.99

Sheet Pan

Sheet pans make the perfect quick and easy weeknight dinners. Just throw on a protein and an assortment of veggies for a 30-minute meal.

Pan: $7.99 each

Nonstick Pan

This pan is perfect for making eggs on Sunday mornings and makes the infamous omelet flip a whole lot easier.

Pan: $3.49 each


Because, duh.

20-piece set: $7.99


Time to upgrade from paper plates.

Two dinner plates: $9.98

Two side plates: $6.98


For soups, oats and the occasional cereal for dinner.

Set of two: $3.58

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Exact measurements in cooking and especially baking are crucial. Use measuring spoons, and you'll never end up with flat chocolate chip cookies again.

Measuring cups: $3.99

Measuring spoons: $2.99


Always wash your produce (especially farmers' market finds) to eliminate any residual dirt and bacteria.

Colander: $2.99 each

Vegetable Peeler

This peeler works on everything from potatoes to pears.

Set of three: $0.99

Can Opener

You don't want to be stuck sawing a can with a knife or a spoon.

Opener: $3.49 each


For the "just one glass" after work...

Corkscrew: $1.99 each

Oven Dish

Great for casseroles, vegetables and fall apple crisps.

Pan: $6.99 each

Oven Mitt

Avoid burning your fingers and your dish towels.

Mitt: $2.99 each

Dish Towel

For decoration—or for actually drying dishes.

Towel: $0.79 each


Time to get rid of the plastic cups you won at your college homecoming tailgate.

Set of 6: $3.99

Sauce Pots & Pans

You'll need these to make your own tomato sauce (yes, you can do it, and, yes, it's better than jar sauce).

5-piece set: $9.99

Spatula, Spoon & Tongs

Use the spatula for larger items like pancakes and the tongs for smaller ones like shrimp or asparagus.

3-piece set: $0.79

Coffee (or Tea) Mug

Pro tip: also great for mug cakes.

Mug: $0.99 each