The Best Way To Cut Corn Off The Cob

No more runaway kernels

Whether you need to cut corn off the cob for a sweet end-of-summer salad or to save a braces-clad diner from eternal torture (we swear cleaning those kernels out of brackets took hours), no one is a stranger to the hassle that is wrangling flying kernels. Avoid the mess and the fuss with this simple trick (no fancy corn cutter kit needed).

Grab a small bowl and place it upside down inside a larger bowl. Use the bottom of the small bowl as a stand for the corn. Hold onto the top of the corn and slice down the sides with a sharp knife. The kernels will collect in the larger bowl.

Pro tip: You can also use a Bundt pan in the same way; hold the corn on top of the center spout and use a sharp knife to slice down the sides. The kernels will collect in the pan.

So get to the farmers' market and scoop the last husks of summer for the most flavorful corn salads, soups, breads and even ice cream.