Shake Shack's 'Will & Grace' Prosecco Shake

In case you want something other than a martini for the premiere

As if we weren't already on pins and needles for the revival of the much-beloved Will & Grace, Shake Shack is giving us more reason to celebrate the foursome's return to the small screen: two custom shakes paying homage to the show's main characters.

First, there's the Will & Grace Shake, which has cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard with fudge, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. The combo is perfect for those who like fluffy things with a little bit of spice. Perhaps even more enticing is the Jack & Karen Shake, which features strawberry frozen custard, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, raspberry dust and Prosecco (yes, you read that correctly). With Karen's penchant for "juice boxes" (aka boxed wine) and Jack's flamboyant frivolity, this combination sums up the wacky duo to a T. The Prosecco addition also makes this the first shake from the company to be made with wine.

Though Will & Grace's return isn't until September 28, the special shakes will be available September 18 through October 1 at select New York City and Los Angeles locations. As an added bonus, Shake Shack and NBC are donating $2 of every $6 shake sold to GLAAD, an LGBTQ media advocacy organization.