How To Quickly Ripen A Peach

Don't let the last of your summer produce go to waste

There are plenty of things to do with overripe produce (jams, pies, breads and pickles), but what about when your perfect end-of-summer peaches are too firm to eat?

The easiest way to ripen peaches quickly so you can enjoy the last fleeting flavors of summer requires only one tool: a paper bag.

Add those sphered stunners to a brown paper bag on its side, fold it up and let it sit on your countertop. It should take only one to two days for them to become fragrant and colorful, letting you know they are ready for action. By sealing the peaches in the bag, the ethylene gas the fruits naturally emit (which makes them ripe) gets trapped in the bag and speeds up their ripening. You can even add more fruit, like a banana, to the bag to increase the amount of ethylene gas emitted.

The only time this trick won't work is when your peach is green. This means it was picked too early from the tree and, unfortunately, will never ripen no matter how long you leave it in the bag.