Best New Pizza Restaurants

Chefs from all over are getting in on a slice of the action

When it comes down to all the different shapes, sizes and styles pizza can take, we don't discriminate. And as it turns out, neither do some of the world's best chefs: Whether they're veteran slingers of dough or Michelin-starred heroes used to plating with tweezers, seemingly everyone in the culinary world is getting in on a slice of the action. Here are the newest superstar pizza joints across the country we can't wait to try.

Pizzeria Bianco

(Los Angeles, CA)

Call him the Yoda of pizza, the Mr. Miyagi or whatever pop culture reference you prefer: When it comes to the crust, Chris Bianco is an undeniable master. And while you'd normally have to travel to Phoenix to try his legendary dough, the chef recently announced he'd be opening a Pizzeria Bianco outpost in L.A. sometime in the future. Hopefully, we can expect all the same magic the Neapolitan Jedi is known for: airy, crackling crust topped with just the right amount of locally grown ingredients. (In the meantime, Bianco will be working with the team from Tartine on a different SoCal project.)

Bonci Pizzeria

(Chicago, IL)

When a pizza place becomes renowned even in Italy, you know it's going to be nothing short of spectacular. Luckily, you no longer have to travel to Rome, as Gabriele Bonci has expanded his eponymous pizzeria (which specializes in fluffy squares of Roman-style pizza) to the lucky residents of Chicago. No need to worry about getting a watered-down experience—the maestro is shipping flour straight from his motherland to be used for pies adorned with toppings like potato and mozzarella, or marinated onions, pecorino and imported pomodorino tomatoes.


(New York, NY)

From the group who brought Shake Shack into the world comes Martina, a fast-casual spot that suddenly makes us remember not all weekday lunches have to be deli sandwiches. The dough is the same crackly recipe used at Danny Meyer's sit-down restaurant, Marta, the mozzarella from Di Palo's and the tomatoes flown in all the way from sunny California. Though despite the casual, laid-back atmosphere, you won't find any cardboard boxes. Just like the best spots, you're forbidden from eating a Martina pizza anywhere other than where it was just baked.

Corner Slice

(New York, NY) 

He might be known for ramen and his love of Asia, but Ivan Orkin is a born-and-bred New Yorker at heart, which probably explains why his humble shop's pizza (rectangular slices that cost less than three bucks and are served on paper plates) is so damn good. In addition to the delicately chewy, tomato-topped grandma pies, the 400-square-foot stall also hawks porchetta sandwiches and all manner of homey baked goods, such as chocolate semolina cake.


(Miami, FL)

All serious believers in the circle of life have Roberta's on their bucket lists, and pretty soon, Brooklyn won't be the only place where you can make the pilgrimage for those marvelously smoky and blistered pies. While the temporary pop-up will run only until next spring, this is your chance to feast on a Famous Original—dough embellished with tomato, caciocavallo cheese, oregano and chili—outside of Bushwick.

Pooleside Pie

(Raleigh, NC)  

While many consider New York, Chicago and Los Angeles the holy trinity of pizza cities, don't pledge yourself to these capitals just yet. According to Eater, James Beard Award-winning and Raleigh-based chef Ashley Christensen is set to open Pooleside Pie, a tribute to Neapolitan pies, next year right next door to her North Carolina diner, Poole's.

Jean-Georges at The Connaught

(London, England)

OK, so you're going to have to do a bit more work than opening Seamless and tapping a few buttons, but when a Michelin-starred chef announces he's going to be slinging take-out pizzas, we pay attention and start booking our plane tickets to Heathrow. You won't find any doughy Frisbees at this walk-up window—toppings range from fontina covered in a black truffle snowfall to tuna and wasabi. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you'll be able to get pies delivered from across the Atlantic.

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